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Wooden wedges for installation and straightening

Finnkiila Oy, operating in Jyväskylä and Perho, manufactures wooden wedges intended for straightening structures and precise installation, as well as other wooden products and other equipment intended for construction. Finnkiilat are of uniform quality and are produced on a sawing line developed by the entrepreneur.

Our wedges are specially made to meet the needs of professional construction, industry and rescue services, as well as damage control. The factory works as a wholesale supplier and our wood wedges are also available in well-stocked hardware stores around Finland.

Finnkiila Oy's installation wedges make work easier and faster, making it cost-effective. Wooden wedges of uniform quality and ready-made in the right size make the construction work reliably, safely and quickly. Our equipment, on the other hand, makes their installation easy and effortless.
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Ready-made wooden wedges speed up work

Wooden wedges are the best option for straightening roofs, exterior cladding and structures, as well as for window and door installations. The adjustment can be laborious, but the ready-ordered installation wedges make work easier and make it quick. The finished wedges are also of uniform quality and more affordable than self-made wedges.
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Products for professional construction and industry

We develop various wood products and other accessories for construction and industry together with other professionals. We have developed e.g. a wedge bag that facilitates the installation of wooden wedges together with professionals in the roofing industry.

Company – Finnkiila Oy

Finnkiila Oy was founded by Janne Eskelinen in 2014 after previously working on construction sites. On the construction sites, he saw how great the need in practical work is for wood wedges of uniform quality and safely manufactured to be used for straightening and installing structures.

Eskelinen, who has always been hard at developing machines and equipment, developed a fully polished production machinery for wooden wedges, which is used to produce wooden wedges quickly and with uniform quality. This is how the wooden wedges used in construction for millennia got a new production method that serves the customer's needs.

Finnkiila Oy also offers production, production project, production line and marketing consulting, planning and cooperation.

In 2023, Eskelinen chose Kimmo Seppänen as CEO of Finnkiila Oy. The main tasks are sales, marketing and administration. Kimmo handles the task with more than thirty years of experience in the wood industry.

At Finnkiila, we believe in cooperation and reliable partnership relationships. Contact: Kimmo Seppänen +358 400 845 498 or

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