Installation bags

The Finnkiila Installation Bag has been developed to facilitate the transportation of wedges and installation tools to the installation site.

The installation bag is a durable bag made with militari technology, whose padded and sturdy belt conveniently carries the bag with you. A shoulder strap is also included. The three-point quick-release belt clip ensures that the bag stays closed and lasts while traveling. It's also quick to put on and take off.

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For professionals and dealers

Technical information:

Size: 18 x 20 x 40
Carrying capacity: 15 ltr / approx. 100 wedges
Material: Polyamide
Color: Black

Other features:

  • Made with strong militari technology
  • Pads on the thigh, belt and shoulder
  • Adjustable belt and shoulder strap
  • Three-point safety buckle

Manufacturer: Finnkiila Oy

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